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Lam Sifu's First Pai - Hip Sing Merchant Association

Circa 1959, Several Personal Disciples Were Unavailable The Day of This Photo.


Lam Sang Sifu's First Pai 1959 Photo!

After first arriving in New York City's Chinatown and taking post at the local Hakka Association for sometime, Lam Sang was later persuaded to move to the Hip Sing Merchant Association (home page image).  From the general membership, he accepted some seven disciples, (one was formally excommunicated by Lam Sang turning the shrine's incense upside down and sending him away) in the late 1950's.  They all lived together in one NYC Chinatown apartment in a Teacher - student relationship.  Show above are four of his personal disciples from the Hip Sing Association; Yen Toi, Bak Lim Wong, Ling Ling Kai and Harry Sun.

*It is said that upon arriving at the Sun Jing Hui, Hakka Association, Lam Sang proceeded to sit at the bar amongst all the local gambling members.  Sitting on a bar stool, legs crossed, smoking a big cigar, people said he looked like a little "Monkey".  The Hakka Association Kungfu Master, surnamed Chen, challenged the 'Monkey' to a boxing match.  The loser would carry the suitcase of the winner and call him Master for the rest of their lives!  The larger boxer, Chen Gui, lost the exchange and Lam Sang became the Master of NYC's Hakka Association.  Ah Chen, in the following years, true to his word, not only carried Lam Sang's suitcase, but, also contributed to Lam Sang's disciples edification, including those in the picture above.


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