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Bamboo Temple Chinese Benevolent Association

Association Creed

Honor and be obedient to parents.
Be subject to the State and loyal at heart.
Always help the needy and the poor.
Be passionate to those in difficulty.
Do not be greedy or jealous of material possessions.
Do not harbor thoughts of sexual pleasure.
Do not be jealous of others ability and talent.
Do not compare yourself to others.  Some will be lesser, some greater.
Always be honest and upright.
In whatever you do, exercise sincerity and be practical.

Do not boast of ability or wealth. Do not act arrogantly. Practice humility.
The highly educated must not underestimate others.
Speak in a low voice with respect to seniors and elders.
Be polite and chivalrous in front of ladies.  Do not use off color language.
No one sided talk in favor of wealth or money.
Do not blame yourself in poor living.
Speak the necessary words and keep from excess with silence.
Patience is the antidote for an angry tongue.
Do not exaggerate or speak untrue.
Do not boast of yourself, your school, or your teachers.
Do not criticize others, especially other schools, teachers or students.
Do not indulge in too much imagination.  Reach for the stars, keeping your feet on the ground.
Do not be stubborn to your point of view.
Always be wholesome, clean and true speaking from the heart.

Wear clean and neat attire. Regulate your dress carefully, to show dignity and respect.
Perfect yourself morally and lead as a good example.
Make facial expressions firm; walk and sit upright and straight; be respectful to others and well mannered; think before talking; remain calm always; work hard according to your position.
Do not look for problems, but identify them and find solutions.

Recognize that all things in the world exist by the will of God and were created by the Word of God.  Pray and seek Him Daily.


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