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Training Creed

1. Students must practice daily and continuously without interruption.

2. Kungfu must not be shown lightly or for fun. Use only for legitimate self-defense.

3. Courtesy, respect, caution and attention must be paid at all times to Teachers, Seniors and Elders.

4. A student must be forever Kind, Honest and Friendly to all his Kungfu Brothers, younger and older.

5. In travelling, a boxer must refrain from displaying his art to the public.

6. A boxer must never be bellicose.

7. Wine and meat (all things) must be taken in moderation.

8. Sexual desire should be kept under control of the spirit of morality and ascetism.

9. Boxing must transmitted to only those of good character who are gentle and merciful.

10. Respect the Ancestors for their transmission of the art, Respect the Sifu for his teaching, Respect the Older Brothers for their dedication and loyalty, Respect the younger brothers for their determination in training.

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