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Macau Jook Lum Temple

Macau Jook Lum - Patron Saint Lee Siem   Macau Temple - Patron Saint Lee Siem

This Temple is easily accessible. I (RDH) lived in Macau for most of 2002 and never bothered to go there.  But, all you have to do is ask any taxi driver to go to the Jook Lum Temple.  Its on the peninsula and in a 'residential' area on a busy street. 

Enclosed by high walls and shrouded by large over hanging trees and bamboo, you might miss it, if you don't know where to look.  From the outside you can see only the rather obscure entrances.  Go early, the gate promptly closes at 5pm and you will be ejected one minute afterward.  Discover the Secrets of China's Jook Lum Temples and mantis, including photos and video - click here now!


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