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School Rules Including DVD Correspondence Students

REQUIRED TRAINING SESSIONS As a member you are required a minimum of two times per week on consistent days and times in formal training. You will receive a monthly training schedule to complete and submit as a record of your training to the Association. A minimum total of 100 classes per year must be completed to progress to the next years training. 

CLASS TIMES Optimum training times are daily between 5 and 9 pm. During these hours your body's circadian rhythm will produce the best results for physical training. You are suggested to train regularly on the same days and times each week keeping a Mon-Wed or Tues-Thur schedule in example. Train daily if time permits.
Traditional Martial Arts Culture!
ESTABLISHING A PERSONAL FORMAL TRAINING AREA To establish your personal formal training area you must identify a private place which can be regularly used on schedule, erect a symbol of the Pai such as an Ancestral photograph (provided by the Association), keep this formal training area clean, and salute upon entering and exiting this area. This area becomes your personal School, the place where you retreat from daily affairs to better yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. There you may also display the school rules and creeds.

RESPECT IN THE SCHOOL In a traditional school all students will salute and bow once upon entering the training room and once upon final exit from the training room. Upon the Teacher’s entrance, the first student to see him will immediately call all students to “attention” and all students will salute the Teacher. If the Teacher is on the “training floor”, each student upon entering the school will first turn to salute the Teacher, regardless of the Teacher seeing you or returning a salute. In the School the Teacher will be addressed by his surname or “Sifu.” Outside the School the Teacher will be addressed by his first or last name. All students will quickly line up at the beginning and end of class time in silence and await direction.

OPENING A CLASS When called to line up all students should line up facing the School Coat of Arms (Shen Toi) or symbol of the Pai in silence and according to seniority. The Teacher or representative, assuming position in front of the class and facing the Shen Toi, will call all students to attention. A salute to the Ancestry of the Pai is then rendered followed by a salute from the class to the Teacher. Training orders are then given by the Teacher. During class students should refrain from small talking and concentrate solely on mastering the skills at hand. The same procedure is performed when closing a class.

UNIFORMS In the traditional school the uniform should be worn during all formal classes. Uniform consists of black pants, school T-shirt, black shoes and appropriate sash. The cost is $19.95. Uniforms will not be worn in public.

RANK First year students are ranked Novice. Novice rank students wear a white sash symbolizing their search for the light of the Jook Lum Temple. 2nd Year Students are ranked Apprentice and wear a red sash symbolizing that they are zealously motivated by duty and honor acting as a peacemaker among all laboring men.  3rd Year Students are ranked Martial Artist and wear a black sash indicating that they have pledged themselves to be tolerant, true and reliable in their search for wisdom. The black sash is an emblem of sorrow and mourning for the miseries of humanity and indicates the more we advance in martial arts the more we feel and deplore the miseries and suffering of people. Junior students are addressed "si-dai". Senior Students are addressed "si-hing".

PROTOCOL All students should refrain from demonstrating or discussing Kungfu training in public. If questioned, students should identify themselves according to their rank and not boast of their ability, their art, school or their Teacher. Under no circumstances will students teach unless authorized to do so. Students will not attempt to learn the next level of training until the scheduled time. Students will keep Jook Lum Temple Praying Mantis pure. Students will not mix or incorporate other kungfu styles while learning, teaching or demonstrating.

RESPECT TO THE LEADERS Students will make an effort to travel and pay respect to the seniors and elders of our Pai (Kungfu family). Senior leaders are addressed "si-shuk". Elder leaders are addressed "si-bok".

EXAMINATIONS Students will be examined on their training to insure progress toward graduation of the basic course in three years.

OPEN DOOR POLICY If you are invited to become a member of the Bamboo Temple, you ought to consider benevolence and justice first, and courtesy and faith as your basis. We are as brothers, members of one family, and you are to help each other in disasters and misfortunes. Members should stringently avoid bringing shame to the brotherhood and those who bring trouble on themselves should suffer the trouble alone and not implicate other members or the Pai. We are first a brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.

TUITION Tuition must accompany each request for the following month's training. Accepted Payment includes Visa/MC/Amerx/Disc.  Correspondence students may pay tuition with Paypal.


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